Sporting Shooters Association of Australia

Morinish Branch Inc. Q37

PO Box 9708, Park Avenue, QLD, 4701.

ABN - 74 001 776 794






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As our club is an incorporated association branch (Q37) of the National SSAA sporting body, our amenity card holders are required to maintain membership of the National SSAA.

Therefore to apply to become an Amenity Card Holder of SSAA Morinish Branch Inc.Q37, you must first be a financial member of the National SSAA body, (even if you have an existing firearm licence for a rural property use or are a member of another shooting association).

Your national membership commences when your application is received and acknowledged by the National SSAA office.  As part of your  National SSAA membership, you will receive a monthly 'Australian Shooter' magazine which is mailed to your postal address.


Link to the Application for National SSAA body.  This form and fee can be either completed on-line or printed-out and sent to the National SSAA office at SSAA Membership, PO Box 282, Plumpton, NSW, 2761.   Remember to nominate your Membership Branch as Q37.

Link to the Q37 Amenity New Membership Application Form This form and fee is sent to the Secretary, SSAA Morinish Branch, PO Box 9708, Park Avenue, Qld, 4701.


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